Living With The Changes In 21st. Century America

What Do You Want For Your Life

It does not matter what part of life you face, “TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE”.  With the changes we, as a culture, have faced the past year it may require that you continue work pass your planned retirement.  If that is the case this blog may be for you!

It’s important to add enjoyable pastimes along with tips to make your life  fulfilling. It’s your journey and it up to you to make of it what you will. I want to share my journey with you. Plus I want to share some tips (and hopefully you will share tips) that has made my life an adventure in self discovery. I’m a BABY BOOMER, my parents were children of the depression and a part of WWII. Their stories are a part of my being.  Your stories will become a part of our children’s (we can talk about that later).

Passion, I want to talk about passion for life. What’s your passion???

Dreams. what have you done with life? What do you want to do?

What do I want to do????


One response

  1. Vivian Gonzalez

    This sounds interesting and exciting, I would love to hear about your passion for life, and share with you mine.

    August 1, 2010 at 2:53 am

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