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Does Goal Setting Work?


Next weekend I have a 4 day weekend, and to get the most out of that time off , I’m going to set goals . Make out a “To Do List”. I have so many projects that are half started, I feel I need to complete SOMETHING!!!

Making a real to do list that is realistic can make a big difference in how you feel at the end of any time off. A list that is too long and impossible to complete can leave you feeling like a failure and stressed out. Back in the precomputer days list were made on paper, but today all you have to do is google To Do List. There are loads of ways to break down your tasks into sublists, cleaning list, shopping list, etc. While surfing the web I found which makes listing a Zen like activity.

The Zen of Todoist                                                                                                                                          


Now is better than later.
Later is better than never.
Organized is better than messy.
Big things are composed by smaller things.
Smaller things are done by action.
Think like a person of action.
Act like a person of thought.
The beginning is half of every action.
The longest journey starts with the first step.
Everything should be made as simple as possible.
But not simpler.
Celebrate any progress.
Don’t wait to get perfect.
Deadlines and stress are a part of life.



Getting Ready For An At Home Vacation

Starting Thursday I will be off work for almost 2 weeks. The plan is to get some things done around the house, do some reading, and enjoy myself. I have never been big on going places. Being home when you have worked 40+ years can be a treat. I wish I could work on the yard but it’s too hot in the Phoenix area this time of year. Come late September and October I will be able to enjoy the outdoors again.

The first item on my “To Do List” will be organizing. I’m a Virgo, an earth sign, that loves order but never has it that together. I have been reading Organize Now!: A Week-by-Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life by Jennifer Berry. It a great book to break down larger projects into smaller more manageable tasks. Ms. Berry is a professional organizer with a special talent for making the most complicated chore feel achievable. I liked the step by step method she uses, checklists and space to make notes were very helpful. Ms. Berry also has a web site that has lots of helpful hints

Let take my laundry room, it could be at home craft room or office. The room is large enough with built-in cabinets . The cabinet doors need some work , and a think a new coat of paint on the walls would give the decor a fresh new look. When we first moved in, 9 years ago, I painted the room in southwest colors. Now I would I want a more traditional modern look. The room has a large window that could use some curtains and I have a new shelf that I have never taken the time to mount.  I’ll post some before pictures of the roomon Friday