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New Year…….New Starts????

Everyone talks about New Year Resolutions and talk about what they are going to change in their lives. I don’t think change is very easy and I have had no luck with New Year Resolutions. I know what I need to do, lose 25 pounds, get organized, make more money, and spend less. I’m going to think about this year as ADDING TO MY LIFE, and leave the word change out.

I know I’m not alone when it comes to unsuccessful resolutions, which can lead to a feeling of failure. Prehaps the failure comes from too many resolutions, or choosing resolutions I don’t really want to do. If you want a new habit, it is said, you must do something for 30 days. I think you must make a plan, add the new behavior to your life daily. Make a place for it in your life. 

There are 3 area I want to improve in my life:

  • Organization and making my life less stressful. Manage the paper work and home front with peace.
  • Creativity and making art again. In my youth I enjoyed lots of arts and crafts. I have lost that part of me.
  • Reconnecting with God. I don’t know what that will look like, but I feel the need.



My Xanadu

After working the weekend shift at the hospital I though I might just rest, but after a short trip to Safeway I took a look at my bedroom and knew it needed a cleaning.

What I would love to do is take a year to clean, organize, and decorate my home. This project would include the house, the garage, attic storage, and yard. What makes it a huge job is all this has to happen on a tight budget and will require a lot of creative growth.

The creative part of myself has been dormant for the past 20 years, but I remember finding personal fulfilment and joy from creating things in my 20’s.

Today I felt a very simple pleasure from just getting my bedroom cleaned. I’m a Virgo, an earth sign, which enjoys putting everything in its place. I want to make my home my “Xanadu”, my space that reflects personality.

The easiest way is to pick a picture from a magazine and then copy that style. But that would not be me. Each item, each color, and every part of a real home reflects the souls that live there. Living is as much a “work of art” as a painting. And my life is a gallery.